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A letter from the owner...

Hey you, how have you been? If someone were to ask you that question, would you say "I'm good" or would you be honest? If your truth sounds like "I'm stressed out, my thoughts get the best of me, I'm navigating life's curve balls or I'm struggling to get over this hurdle" you're in the right place! I get it. I've been you; I see you and I'm here for you! 


I’m Jenae, a licensed clinical social worker, certified sports social worker and owner of Living Intentionally to Transform. I specialize in working with elite athletes, college students and high-achieving Christian millennials who are navigating life's challenges and overcoming the obstacles that come with it. 

Every once in a while, we will find ourselves in a season where life starts "life-ing" and navigating the obstacle just feels like too much. The obstacle may look different for each person... maybe its performance anxiety, maybe it's a breakup or moving to a new city, it could even be issues from the past resurfacing at an inopportune time. Regardless of what your "obstacle" may be, grace has a way of seeing us through. It is my ultimate desire for those who participate in LITT services to leave feeling confident, aware and committed to Living Intentionally in who they are called to be in life and/or their sport. Thank you for trusting me to go on this journey with you. I'm excited, are you?

Talk Soon, 

Jenae Ingram, LCSW 


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Here's what we provide

Marble Surface

Individual Therapy

Ideal for anyone desiring to work through traumas, difficult circumstances, life changes/adjustments, anxiety, anger management, etc. Therapy is also beneficial in learning & applying effective coping skills. 

Support Groups

Ideal for athletes desiring support as they sort through and deal with their mental health. Groups are peer-led with a professional group facilitator.


Workshops cover an array of topics related to mental health and faith.

Workshops have proven to be beneficial in helping curb the stigma of mental health and educate athletes on how to identify their mental health needs, changes within themselves or others and how to properly care for their whole being. 


Training's are carefully created to provide participants with knowledge and an understanding of how mental health and athletic performance directly correlate. Training's will help coaches, parents, trainers and the like to identify concerning behaviors in athletes and help improve the coach-player dynamic. 

Family/ Couple's Therapy

Ideal to work through difficult family or couple conflicts including struggles with communication, differences in opinion, life changes, disconnection etc. 

Christian ministry small groups

Coming soon

Words that matter

"There's no stigma in being well. Be intentional. Prioritize your well-being today. 

— Jenae Ingram

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