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Christian Counseling in Georgia & Alabama

Hey Millennials... this is for you. 
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Christian woman in counseling

Christian + Millennial = Undoing "tradition" to find CHRIST for yourself

If you're anything like me, you grew up being told to "pray about it".

It was the default response we received to every problem or concern we had. As I've grown to develop and nurture my own relationship with Christ, I learned quickly that God gave us resources that we can use to work through our problems too.


Faith and therapy do not have to be isolated concepts.

So boom... let's get into it. Us millennials are unique! We literally watched and navigated the advancement of technology, 9/11, a pandemic, racial tensions displayed at our finger tips, and mass casualties become a "norm" in our culture: all while trying to figure out who we are! 


We're stressed, overwhelmed, determined to break generational curses and tend to push the limits in regard to what people say we "can" do. 

With that comes the balance of navigating work and life: breakups, divorces, unhealthy relationships with friends and family, children and figuring out our own traumas. 

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It's time! 

It's time to get the support YOU need. It may feel like this season of your life is going to break you; but hear me clearly... it doesn't have to! 

You CAN experience the healing, freedom and release you so desperately desire. Will you let me help you? 

Christian counseling will do a few things...


  • Help you explore and tackle the traumas and generational curses that have followed you for far too long!

  • Help you navigate what it looks like to have a relationship with Christ for yourself. 

  • Help you feel more settled and secure in who you are and show up in the world in a way you can be confident in. 

What's unique about my  therapy approach is that I have a keen ability to meet you where you are. My personality and relationship with Christ mesh well and creates an environment that is relaxed, open, fun, yet also real. There's no "spooky" or overbearing push or "beating you over the head" with the Bible. Instead, we're going to have real conversations about real things while challenging the real issues and beliefs you may have.

You don't have to live life feeling lost and overwhelmed any longer. 

Let's work towards change, together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am ready to work with you. Do you take my insurance?

A: LITT is primarily a private pay practice. There are limited slots for Aetna insurance only. Private pay affords clients more autonomy over their care. Insurances regulate how often and for how long you can meet, require a mental health diagnosis and can request your records at any time. 

Q: What will sessions look and feel like?

A: Whatever you need it to. You'll learn tools to navigate triggers. You'll process and "re-process" traumas to heal and be free, and you'll unpack your current struggles and explore what faith looks and feels like in relation to it... to name a few. 

Q: How do I get started? 

A: Click the button below to schedule a brief consultation. From there, if it is determined that we are a great fit, we'll discuss next steps to get you scheduled on the calendar!

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